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August 16, 2009

Rode just for pleasure today.

Still hot and humid. I switched saddles so my leg wasn't affected too bad. The shorter skirt on the Abetta helped a lot. I may take my saddle to Mr. Huffman for surgery and see if we can't reduce that skirt by several inches. I really only need enough to clear all the rigging and under skirt. That would probably cure it. Can't ride the Abetta for long mileage as she has dry spots when I do. I feel much more balanced in the Abetta. Shame I can't make it work. Saddle stuff is a pain in the patootie, besides other places. Phebes was a good girl. ~E.G.


  1. yup.. until you get it right it's a pain... was having rider probs with my specialized that I **think** are worked out ..:)

    happy trails
    cid and gazi

  2. What kind of saddle pad are you using under the Abetta? Try one made for a treeless saddle (skito). They have foam on both sides that helps distribute the weight of the saddle better. I'm not saying it will help, but it's something to try.

    Also, invest in a 100% wool cover that goes down to your stirrups. It may be cheaper in the long run than altering your saddles. I had one until my husband stole it. He rides in a Big Horn western saddle and with that cover he rides in shorts and sandles everytime we ride with no complaints! Of course, now I'm missing mine and feeling some rubs.

    I've been riding Stormy solo some and she's been doing really well.
    Let me know if you want to come out sometime to ride. I can go in the afternoons thru the week (just need to make sure my mother-in-law isn't doing anything else and can watch the kids) or on the weekends.
    Email me at my juno account.

    Michelle Detmer