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August 24, 2009

I think I found the saddle from the RFD show

It looks like it was a Specialized International
This saddle can be ordered with the bucking rolls added, has the knee / thigh roll in two thicknesses, and adjustable fit. Nice..................


  1. You didn't ask for advice, but of course I'm sticking my nose in :)

    If you are every considering getting this saddle I cannot reccomend a test ride high enough. I bought one of these used (an older model, didn't look exactly like this) and I could not get balenced in it, was very uncomfy, and wouldn't fit my standardbred's back no matter how much neoprene was betweeen her and the saddle tree. Lots of people liek them and I wanted to, but it just goes to show that everyone is built a little different! :)

  2. I have the Specialized "Trailmaster" & I like it just fine! I got it for Bling, my Saddlebred mare. Haven't had any fit or soreness issues...

  3. I think the difference between the International and the Trail model are the depth of the seat and the rise heading towards the pommel. The International is supposed to have a flatter seat which theoretically makes posting easier. The Trail model holds you in for a more secure seat.

    Secure is good! *LOL*

    Have you seen these saddles in colors? Black/Red Black/Royal Blue....very sharp! I always get a plain black saddle though in whatever model so I can change tack colors when I want to (which is frequently). ~E.G.