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July 6, 2009

This evening's ride went a little better

She is still pretty sticky, but it seems like there are certain areas on the trail (any place where there is tall grass on either side or brush) where she is just hyper alert and looking for boogey monsters. Out on the flat trotting track she moved out really well, and dropped to a walk for the two sand pits (smart girl). We had one big balk when some sort of a big water fowl came flapping up out of the creek. It seemed like doing some really assertive ground work last night made her a lot more agreeable today. My husband rode with me, and I lap him to get in a couple extra miles on some of the smaller loops. Pulse down was two minutes, which was good considering it is pretty humid. She will get tomorrow off to recoup, and I will try try again on Wednesday. ~E.G.

OH a big p.s. Mr. Huffman at Locust Grove Feed and Tack (Osgood, IN) put leather on the cordura under skirting of my saddle. The saddle had four holes worn in the synthetic and it was only six months old. I figured another six months and I'd have to get it re-skirted. He did a beautiful job putting leather under the cinch ring and where my leathers rub. Doug took it in and asked him if he could fix it for me. What I'd ever do without Mr. Huffman's tack repair I DO NOT KNOW!!!!

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