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July 8, 2009

7.5 miles trying to loosen her up and get her to move out.

Phebes did a little better moving out tonight. It seems like the more whooping, hollering I do the more she relaxes...when things get too quiet she starts looking for things that aren't really there. The only thing we did scare up tonight was a flock of young turkeys, and WOOOOOOOOO WOOOOOOOOOOO go turkey!!! got rid of them pretty quickly. We trotted the flat track twice, and looped around Doug and Cree in about five or six places. She drank a little, but not as good as on previous days. Her pulse down to criteria was only two minutes, but it hung there at 60 still at the five minute mark.

I was wondering how low can their pulse go? Pre-ride tonight she pulsed at 29 bpm, I though WOW, now that is a low pulse! I'd never caught it below 37 bpm until tonight.

Phebes hit 700 trail training miles tonight. Not too bad for about seven or eight months under saddle :)

Got to get outside and get these horses fed and put up for the night. ~E.G.

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