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July 27, 2009


My husband has ridden out to "find" me, but apparently did not understand my map route, because if he was following it, I would have had to have caught him on my hill / creek loop, but nary a husband or big blue roan in's gonna be interesting to find out what loop he thought I was taking? The plan was I'd ride Phebes at a walk out to my 3/4 mile training loop, and take her around it once at the walk, and then continue the same loop over, and over, trotting different segments of it each lap, and speeding up on each rotation on the hill portion to build her heart, but watching the heart monitor that we don't spike over 165, and backing her down to a walk if it suddenly popped up to 180 which it did a couple of times, but I got it down pretty quick. She pulsed down in two minutes tonight. Tired, but so glad to just get out and clear the cobwebs from my brain and concentrate constructively. Since our ride was solo I was a little more conservative in my over all riding. She did have a bucking fit when a big horse fly sunk its fangs into her rump. So I'm going to have to really watch out for those flies.

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