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June 1, 2009

Training for electrolyte dosing and the Garmin set to intervals.

Since Mel got me thinking about the use of electrolytes I decided I'd better start working on Phebes to make this possible as she is so adverse to having a tube stuck in her mouth (among other things). I found an old left over bute tube that has a big fat barrel and a nice tip on it and filled it with applesauce. Caught up the Phebes and took her to the round pen just in case she decided to be a turd. On her near side she was flipping her head to avoid the tube, on her off side she was flipping her head and pushing me with her shoulder to avoid the tube. I just kept using approach and retreat. If she flipped her head or pushed I just kept at it, if she held still I took the tube away. It took about two minutes to get her to except it in her mouth and get apple sauce. Once I ran out of applesauce I would give her a carrot each time she accepted the tip of the tube in her mouth. Next I took her offline to see if she would accept it without a tether for control. She stiffened once, but then accepted it on both sides and got her carrot. If horses wore t-shirts her's would say "WILL WORK FOR CARROTS." My plan is that she will get a 1/2 dose of electrolytes prior to any real work (real working consisting of 10 miles or > at a consistent gait). If she drinks well on or after the first loop I'll give her the other half dose prior to going on a second loop. I'm hoping the 1/2 does of electrolytes will make her want to drink on loop one which has always been a problem in the past.

I pulled out my Garmin this morning and investigated some of the settings in the Training Assistant Function. I found a setting that allows me to train for intervals. Five minutes "BEEP" (working phase) and then FIVE MINUTES "Beep" (rest phase). Also set the duration for 6 repetitions which would be an hour session. Each time the Garmin beeps I need to switch from the walk, to the trot. This way I don't have to read the Garmin, I can just listen for the beep. After a week we will change the increments to 10 minutes trotting and five minutes walking, with the hour session remaining the same. I will use this training tool in the paddock when I don't have time for trail work.

We also did free longing this morning which is not only good for her mind, but good for me as I "trot" along side her and have her follow my cues for turns, stops, and back ups. I jogged a half mile during our short session which is movement I wouldn't have got otherwise. Her riding session we will do this evening if the weather holds.

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