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June 2, 2009

Inching up our time little by little

The arena work just drives me to distraction. It is good for working on things, but after awhile (a short while) I'm bored and want to either go or quit. So I warmed her up for fifteen minutes in the arena area and then headed out to the trail. Some issues presented.

#1. She didn't want to leave the property and exhibited barn sour behaviors that I've not seen for a long time. Balking, and walking at a pitiful crawl with her head cocked back towards home. Once we were out of sight that righted itself, but I had to hand walk her down the road and remount out of sight of the house.

#2. All the trail that she spent the winter getting used to looks completely different with all the green leaves and bushes and tall grasses that weren't there last time we were out back on trail. She was fine at the walk, but every time I attempted the trot she'd find a monster under a rock. I've about come to the conclusion that "my seat" isn't the problem as much as "my horse" creates the balancing issues. If I trot her in a straight line on the fence I can get myself in position, and feel like I'm riding pretty decent. It is actually all that zigging and zagging she does beneath me, and her stickiness with speed. She's like trying to drive a truck with a bad clutch and a low front tire.

#3. Even with all the whining and misery this evening I was glad to at least be back out there. We only accomplished a walking pace, but at least it is forward momentum vs. the standing still we've done for these many weeks. She didn't sweat. She didn't even breath hard except for one exceptionally steep hill we climbed. Her muscles all seemed "jiggly" when we got home. Also she has started peeing under saddle which is new and I'm making a big fuss over her when she does it. Pee is the lovely normal color.

Much more work to do. ~E.G.

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