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June 28, 2009

Some fun and tastier methods for replacing electrolytes.

My kids would have had this first one covered a DILL PICKLE SHOOTER. You simply open up a jar of dill pickles and pour a shot glass full, chug it down, and if you need to wash it down with whatever you prefer to chase it with. My kids used to wait and watch the pickle jar because they loved drinking pickle juice. Leave it to the kids!

V-8 juice, and Tomato Juice are on the top of my research list for a quick e-lyte pick me up. Both are very salty, both have natural Potassium, and nice little carbohydrate kick (without the sugar). The only problem I forsee with this is keeping me out of the V-8 so I'll have some when I actually need it. I could probably chug a quart in one setting :/

Foods that are naturally high in electrolytes include nuts, fruits and vegetables like broccoli and asparagus. Potassium is naturally found in fresh fruit (cantalope, strawberries, bananas, vegetables, whole grains, and dairy products.
So instead of ingesting those nasty sports drinks there are some alternatives, like a breakfast of oatmeal, and a bowl of cubed melon (pass the salt please). Just prior to ride time chug down a V-8, and carry water bottles to replenish fluid loss on your.
In case a person got stranded it still might be prudent to carry a sports drink on board in case of a long walk out I guess. But I'm sure liking these tasty alternatives for boosting my e-lytes naturally.

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  1. I would definitely second the recommendation of the Succeed caps. They are fantastic for electrolyte maintenance and replenishment, and super-easy to pack along in the saddle. Just water and e'lytes has been working well for me, and I recently discovered a great e'lyte drink by the same company that doesn't hvae the same refined sugars and high fructose corn syrup that a lot of the other sports drinks have.