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June 28, 2009

Blech! Blech! Acccck!

Phase one of the home made e-lyte didn't go well. I think the addition of the baking soda as a buffer really put me off. The title just doesn't do justice as to how BAD it really was.

It is still very hot and humid, but a cool front is supposed to move in later this afternoon or evening. Phebes did 7 miles this morning and we are shooting for at least 12 again tomorrow. Her heart rate only hit the training range on some very steep hills, otherwise she doesn't get into target range trotting. She pretty much stays between 89-120 depending on how much we extend the trot. If I trot her up a gradual grade we will hit 130-134 so that is probably a good intermittent work out for her. She started out pretty rocky this morning. The wheelbarrow was not parked where she wanted it, and I had moved a flower pot to a different spot, all horrifying prospects for her, but utter boogery nonsense to me. Once we had a rubber meets the road discussion over that she smoothed out and behaved herself. We even did a little short canter today, but I shut her down pretty quickly. It felt EXHILIRATING to get out and move, so liberating after all this walking. She drank really well at the creek today and even stuck her face down into the ripples which she doesn't care for at all. That was great progress. Looking forward to tomorrow. ~E.G.

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