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June 26, 2009

I think I'm in a fugue state, a funk, a what next state of mind...

Idle hands are devil's work, yes? I find myself aimless, like a windless sail, with nothing to propel me forward. My personality likes momentum, forward, driving, relentless momentum which keeps my mind focused on a goal. In that, if I am to proceed anywhere I need a re-thinking of my plan, which is stalled. Neither I nor my horse are inspired. The starting over after six months of intensive activity is like a concrete wall, hastily built blocking forward movement. I've admitted it, now what am I going to do about it? ~E.G.


  1. Just ride for fun of it, for a while at least?! Are you going out to the park this weekend?

    Michelle Detmer

  2. Michelle,

    I'm riding at home Sunday morning, we have a real nice trail network out here that the neighbors have let me use, and hauling to the park on Monday morning. May ride this evening at home...undecided.

  3. EG,

    Have you ever looked into Centered Riding before? I went to a clinic last weekend and wasn't really sure what to expect. I've got Sally Swift's book on the topic, but had never interacted with anyone who has put in serious time and training with the concepts.

    The clinic was extremely informative and a very personal and emotional experience for all riders (and auditors too, from what they said) involved.

    The most profound experience in the clinic was how simple the exercises were but how much feed back they gave. As our clinician put it, the exercises were great for the hottest days of summer, when it's so hot you don't want to overtax you or your horse. Many of the exercises we did were at a walk, and later at a trot and canter, but the most feed back (in my opinion) came from walk exercises.

    Perhaps you should pick up the book, the video, or find a local clinician (look on the CR website). If they're all as good as the lady I clinic'ed with, you'll be inspired. It's changed a lot of how I view my daily riding, and made me much more aware of the horse's movements.

    A terrific experience that just may get you through this hump you're experiencing.

    Just a thought,