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June 9, 2009

Heart Monitor Trial

It took a little fiddling to get the sensors in their sweet spot, but once they were the thing worked great. I do have to figure out what to do with all those dangling wires to keep them from catching on something. What I know so far is:

Phebes pulses to or below criteria of 60 bpm at the walk, even with a rider on board, at least in our test ride today in the arena.

At the slow trot she pulses between 78-84 bpm. At the extended trot she pulses 92-96 bpm.

These values were on the flat. We worked a little less than an hour. It is hot and very humid. Worse, Phebes found some clover today which she is very sensitive to and is drooling and looking a little goo-ey eyed. We have them blocked off from most of it, but she still got some. I just didn't think she was feeling great so we cut our session short. I'd rather have a horse come the weekend as we have a couple of park rides in the plan if all goes well. I feel that this piece of equipment will be very valuable in seeing how my ride is "really" going. I know it can't tell me everything I need to know, but it is at least a good indicator of what I'm asking of her, too little or too much. I want to learn to ride keeping her pulse well below the 150 range...maybe below 130 bpm. We may end up winning the turtle award sometime this year yet! ~E.G.

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