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June 6, 2009

Eight miles today at Versailles State Park

The focus today was on rating, riding MY pace, and listening to me rather than worrying about her buddy, BIG CREE. We took the A loop, but any time she broke pace we reversed and went the other direction away from her trail buddy. I'm trying to impress in her little brain that we will catch up, even if we walk, we will find another horse. She only broke from a trot to a canter once today, and I immediately hit the brakes and reversed our direction and trotted away from Cree. She had a tiny little melt down, but fits are free. As soon as we got back to the trailer she peed, nice yellow PRETTY PEE :) She did not drink on trail at all, but we didn't got all that far either. So today was a good schooling day and we inched up our distance from 5 miles to 8 miles. About another week or two of good rides and I'll be able to hitch a training ride with Chris. I want to get my distance up to 7 miles of trotting all the time before I haul her elsewhere. Then I'll be able to do a fair paced ten mile loop again. At least that is the hope and plan. As for Phebes, mentally she is ready to rock and roll on down the trail. We just have to get the body caught up. She was very good today, loaded nicely. The only thing bad that happened with her today is she set back on her rope tied to the trailer and scared the crap out of me. All I can figure is a fly was biting her? Regardless I need to remember to use "The Clip" so if it happens again she or I won't be hurt.

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