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May 16, 2009

The Welfare of the Horse

I read with interest this morning in my latest issue of the Endurance News about a proposed rule change that would modify the finish line pulse criteria from pulse down within 60 minutes, to pulse down within 30 minutes. The AERC is asking membership to respond with comments to this proposed rule change to your area director, or the Veterinary Committee, or the AERC office.

My personal feeling is that pulse is one of the criteria that allows us to flag a problem with our horses. I'm for any change in rules that increases the odds of my leaving ride camp with a sound and healthy horse. Taking the welfare of our horses into consideration can only insure that endurance rides continue into the future (animal rights activism, etc), and that endurance horses continue long careers in the sport. Seems like a win/ win situation to me.

This proposed change is certainly for the betterment and safety of our horses. If you have an opinion on this proposed change (pro or con) please write to someone on the Veterinary Committee at one of the following email addresses:

Jeanette Mero, DVM, Chair (W), Mariposa, CA, 209-966-6497, e-mail:

Wesley G. Elford, DVM (MW), Mayville, WI, 920-948-1078, e-mail:

Greg E. Fellers, DVM (PS), Seal Beach, CA, 916-342-0489, e-mail:

Barney Fleming, DVM (MT), Custer, SD, 605-673-5801, e-mail:

Carter Hounsel, DVM (CT), Austin, TX, 254-290-2372, e-mail:

Nick Kohut, DVM (NE), Gap, PA, 717-442-4520, e-mail:

Ken Marcella, DVM (SE), Clermont, GA, 770-752-0177, e-mail:

Dave Nicholson, DVM (MT), Craig, AK, 775-233-6030, e-mail:

Otis Schmitt, DVM (SE), Ten Mile, TN, 423-334-1128, e-mail:

Dennis Seymore, DVM (CT), Daingerfield, TX, 903-645-3379, e-mail:

Thomas R. Timmons, DVM (NW), Gold Hill, OR, 541-855-1419, e-mail:

Appointed Members:

Olin Balch, DVM (NE), Cascade, ID, 208-315-3898, e-mail:

Duane Barnett, DVM (SE), Drug Testing Subcommittee Co-Chair, Mocksville, NC, 336-998-4586, e-mail:

Jim Bryant, Jr., DVM (NW), Monroe, WA, 785-532-5700, e-mail:

Trisha Dowling, DVM (MW), Saskatchewan, Canada, 306-258-4455, e-mail:

Susan Garlinghouse, DVM (PS), Upland, CA, 909-981-6630, e-mail:

Susan Keil, DVM (CT), Spring Hill, KS, H 913-856-3660, M 913-233-9098, e-mail:

Melissa Ribley, DVM, Drug Testing Subcommittee Co-Chair (W), Grass Valley, CA, 530-268-1378, e-mail:

Michele Roush, DVM (W), Bolinas, CA, 831-659-1198, e-mail:

Non-Vet Members: Tom Noll, Meridian, ID, 208-887-3732, e-mail:

Bruce Weary, Prescott, AZ, 928-776-7897, e-mail:


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  1. BTW, if you oppose this rule change I'm interested in hearing your opinion and why you would oppose the rule change.~E.G.