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May 15, 2009

Tapping my toes---waiting...waiting...waiting

Phebes continues to eat, play, and fatten up. I've switched her over to "Cool Command" which is a low starch, high fiber feed, and she is only getting a token ration of that since she isn't working. Her current feed regimine consists of:

Grass (day time) Grass hay (night time)
Cool Command (NSC <15) 1 lb. twice daily
Beet Pulp (no molasses)1.5 lb. twice daily
Raspberry Leaf (for Moody mare syndrome and yes it does work).
Minerals & Salt
Dumoor vitamin supplement with selenium (because she isn't getting a full feed ration)
Omega Fields / Horse Shine a stabilized dry fat for weight building, coat, and hooves.

Somehow through this trauma Phebes has decided that maybe she likes me. I called the cats yesterday and she came running from the back field for all she was worth to see me. I told people at work that I suspect it is "Stockholm Syndrome". That she has bonded to her captor *LOL*

Can I just whine, beg, plead....roll about in my self-misery for a moment?
Adversity teaches patience or so I'm told. It feels like a century has come and gone since I last trotted down a trail on my little arab mare. It is unbelievable how much my horse time affects my mental outlook. I NEED IT---like a drug. It is where I draw in my peace and let go of all that other stuff that that makes life challenging. I think of Tamara who is also facing some distance riding challenges at this time. A distance rider pours a lot of time, money, and self into these horses to ride an often short season of rides. Having the rug pulled out due to injury or illness means ANOTHER six months of conditioning and training prior to the next season of rides. Now I understand why many riders have a back up horse. It is hard, this waiting.

Tamara, you have my heartfelt empathy for the trials you have endured of late, Ellescee I feel your frustration. I do, I really do. ~E.G.


  1. I've been there. You have my sympathy. When I look back those periods of time was never as long or as devestating as they felt at the time. It's still super hard though. I'm thinking of you.


  2. in running and riding.. been there done that... i'm so the same way.. .it's a tuff one. this too shall pass.. patience.. grasshopper:)


  3. with running and riding both.. been there done that .. a real tuffie for me... patience grasshopper :) tho it's miserable when you're in it