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May 30, 2009

We unofficially began again today.

I thought it prudent to start loosening her up a little so we had a 1 hour walk, trot, walk session today. Phebes was very well behaved, her head low and relaxed, and the trot nice and slow and loose. Tomorrow we will do a slow five mile pleasure ride on mostly flat single track trail. If all is well, we shall continue forward, tweaking up our time or our distance little by little. I'm wondering if an eight week plan to try another ride is too much, too soon? I'm considering Salamonie, but only if she has built up to a solid 25 mile distance prior to the ride date. It will be close... I'll just have to see how she does, and if we aren't ready by mid July, it means we can't compete until the Fall. The down side to the Salamonie ride is it will be HOT & HUMID. The upside is that the terrain is flat to rolling. If (if?) we go, our plan would be to ride out last, to pick our pace, take plenty of alone time at the water stops, and ride ultra conservative, even if we have a dead last finish. My one and only goal will be to complete with a well hydrated, fit to continue horse. That and nothing more. ~E.G.

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  1. I have a feeling you probably won't know until you are a couple of weeks into your conditioning. Then go with your gut feeling. If it feels like you are pushing it, back off. If everything is still a go and your comfortable.....

    I've been trying to follow the advice in my endurance "life" that they give for the tevis trail - never tarry, nevery hurry. If it feels you are hurrying, you are probably right, but on the other side if everything is a go... You know your horse better than any vet - it sounds like you are trying to learn as much as you can and make good decisions.