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April 26, 2009

So today we begin again.

Phebes did about fifteen minutes of ground and longe line work today. She is moving nicely, no stiffness. She did not sweat, nor look stressed in any way. That will be our process for the next week. I'll try to tweak up a couple of minutes each day, with Thursday off. Friday afternoon I'll saddle her up and do a ten minute warm up, ten minutes of walk, trot, and the cool her out. We will repeat this daily, increasing the trot time by five minutes each day until the vet comes on the eleventh. Once we get the all clear from her, we will hit the trail again for slow work. Meaning walk/trot intervals. Maybe I can borrow an onboard monitor from someone. It would really help to be able to see if I'm over-riding, or working aerobic. I'll present my re-conditioning plan to the vet when she comes out. I've also emailed an endurance vet on this topic and hope to get a reply.

Week #1( May 3-9) Under saddle for 15 minute sessions.

Week #2(May 10-16) Under saddle for 20, 30, then 40 minutes.

Week #3 (May 17-23) 5 miles at home X 2, then 7.5 at Versailles State Park.

Week #4 (May 2-30) 5 mile sessions X 2, and a 10 mile ride at Versailles.

Week #5 (May 31-June 6) 5 mile sessions X 2, and 15 miles at Versailles.

Week #6 (June 7-13th) 5 mile sessions X 2, and 15 miles at Versailles add trotting.

Week #7 (June 14- 20) 5 mile session, 10 mile session, 15 mile session.

Week #8 (June 21-27th) 10 mile session, 5 mile session, 15 mile session.

Week #9 (June 28th-July 4th) 5 mile session, 10 mile session, 20 mile session.

Week # 10 Go wear the trail takes us. Hoping, hoping....~E.G.


  1. Catching up on my reading and noticed you haven't posted in over a month. What's up?

  2. Alice,

    We are coming back from a tye-up episode.