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April 27, 2009

Feedback from the ride vet

I wrote to Maureen Fehrs, DVM and she was kind to respond to some of my questions about how this occurred, and also how to safely bring her back into condition. As to what happened? Even on the veterinarian's part they can speculate, but not necessarily give a firm answer of what happened metabolically. She did feel that being in heat, and especially the week off prior were big contributor's, then Phebe's pulling to go in temperatures that she'd never trained for (remember most of our training was 20-55 degrees F) just set up a chain reaction of events. Maureen did recommend that I keep her alfalfa ration well below 25%, and just give her a little at a ride for the calcium. She also offered some suggestions on bringing her back. The only real change in my initial plan for doing that is to be a little more conservative the first week, and then go from there. I've met Maureen Fehrs twice now, and she always comes across as not only knowledgeable, but willing to share what she knows with people. That is a gift to be appreciated. Thanks Maureen!

I'll be catching my girl a little later, and doing some light longing and ground work. ~E.G.

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