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April 29, 2009

The drill was repeated.

Hi ho, hi ho rehabing we must tedious, but good for us both I'm sure. She's doing fine, and acting sensible except for when the four wheeler comes buzzing down the road, then it is all snort, and fire, and rear, and head tossing. Glad I'm not riding that!

Phebes has a real passion of dislike for the motorized vehicles that come down our road. She ignores them, unless she is attached to me in some way, so she must think that I am the weak link that will get her eaten by some rolling vehicle or other. I'm rather convinced it is how she seeks to entertain herself when she isn't watching "Dave-a-Vision" (our neighbor Dave next door is her endless entertainment). The horses all line up at the east fence line and watch the going on's next door, totally mesmerized. Dave is their favorite channel. All three despise the other neighbor "Bo" who is always blasting some head banging rock, or shooting off a gun that sounds like a cannon. When he isn't doing that...weird clanging sounds are coming from his garage.

Look what I have digressed to. I want to ride!!! OMG....I think I'm getting cramps, and my head is whirling, will I possibly ever ride a horse again?

Okay, got that off my chest.


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