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March 28, 2009

Ode to planning

Nicole and I had planned for 20 miles today. Her horse has a chafing issue to work out, the forecast was 80% chance of Thundershowers, and I feel like I swallowed a frog with allergies. I had stripped two of the horse stalls out yesterday and got that mold, dust, and ammonia smell up my nose and feel really crummy today. Grateful though that I did get the hill work on her last night. Even missing out on the ride today her 25 mile weekly mileage goal is met and then some, so I'm not going beat my chest and throw ashes on myself or anything. We will see what tomorrow brings, and Monday as far as riding weather. I know I should ride in the rain at least once...but I JUST DON'T WANT TO!

My nose is almost back to normal. A little soreness but I'm not multi-shades of blue, yellow, and green anymore HURRAY!!!

Phebes body shape is changing with all the riding. I'm thinking that she just might be able to fit into the Abetta again as a back-up saddle. I used an Abetta for several years and loved it, but it wasn't wide enough for Phebes. She has a more distinct withers now where before she was so broad there was no wither evident. It is also looking like my horse will take on a color change this year as the winter fur comes out. The fur underneath is looking white in some areas, and slightly flea bitten in others. So I'm not going to have those interesting pinto markings much longer I'd say. The black skin underneath may still sort of show through next to the pink skin, but I'm not banking on a grey pinto coloration much longer. She was sorrel pinto as a baby.

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