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March 23, 2009

Hills and more hills

We did a half hour of simple ground exercises, and just relaxed walking here, then headed out to the hills and worked those for an hour. She was a little tense tonight. The wind was blowing and a big nasty tractor was moving on the other side of the creek. No catastrophy this evening, and we came back by way of the gravel road. She also did a little "time" in the electric pen today with a flake of Nicole's yummy hay and an extra small feed ration. ~E.G.

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  1. Off topic:

    Check out this link:

    If you get time, try to read some of the comments.

    Much of this article describes what I've done w/ Arabee to get respect, therefore her favor. Now, I think the horses they're talking about were probably less sensitive than my mare or yours. I can never ever imagine having to "beat the tar" out of Arabee, since she responds to much less.

    I thought it interesting, though. Just ran across that blog today.