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February 15, 2009

Taking the day off to "lick my wounds"

I'm pretty banged up. Nothing that won't right itself in a few days, but I hurt from my ankles to the top of my head, and everything in between. Fibromyalgia + Flying Unplanned Dismounts = One stoved up Granny. Days like today I have to wonder if I'm right in the head. Granted, she didn't throw me off on purpose, but the physical angst that results is the same. My little turd horse looks no worse for wear today, but then she merely trotted down the trail spewing carrots from my pack, whilst I was sliding full length down the trail, then slogging through mud to find her (actually jogging at one point to just keep everyone in sight).

Jonna mentioned the "sand to climb back on board", Nah....I didn't want to walk the five miles back *LOL*. Maybe I should move to a trail head, and just be a pleasure rider....but NO, THAT WOULDN'T BE FUN. Maybe I should buy a "dead broke" quarter horse, but it wouldn't have such a CUTE LITTLE HEAD. Maybe I should just get myself a prescription for Invega (to thwart my delusions of grandeur) and Vicodin (to handle the pain) of being an aspiring Endurance Rider? But tomorrow will be another day, the aches will go away, and I'll again be worrying about my weekly mileage, my speed, time, and distance. That is why they call it Endurance, right? ~E.G.


  1. Yes! that is why it is called endurance! It sucks that you came off and that you hurt....BUT have you ever had so much fun in your entire life when you are on the trail?

  2. Most of the time it is indeed fun...she just really shakes my confidence and you don't bounce as well at 50 as you did when you were twenty. I feel very blessed that I didn't get really injured, just sore and my pride. I can live with that I reckon'. ~E.G.

  3. I guess bumps and bruises are just good blog stories, eh??LOL!