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February 1, 2009

My current saddle & pad set up.

The photos above are my current saddle which is a Crestridge Light which was custom made to fit for under $800. This saddle also can be purchased without a horn, and I hope when Phebes has gained my confidence to remove the one on this saddle. The pad was made to fit this saddle for $89 also from Crestridge and it weighs almost nothing. The pads are 1/4 inch neoprene, the blue is the same stuff a foot ball jersey is made from, so heat can escape. The underside of the pad is a very soft and pliable waffle weave. The keepers I had put on by Gerald Huffman, my saddle fixing guru. The bridle is from Moss Creek Endurance, for less than $49, the photo doesn't capture the color very well as it is a very in your face royal blue. I'm using an S-Hack and have been so pleased with it that I sold my Dr. Cook's bridle. Phebes head is so small that I had to fold the chin strap in half and use it double to get it to fit! On the back of my saddle is the rump rug which I made from polar fleece. I recently cut it way down as I had too much rug hanging back there and it always was flopping to one side. I could envision an intanglement, so I took the scissors to it, and I'm much happier. The cantle pack on the back was just a human fanny pack that I had the straps cut, and clips put on. I had a neck ditty sewed on to carry my park pass, and emergency contact information (I also keep a folder with all my emergency info on the front seat of my truck). The stirrups are plastic Easyrides, since I don't like the weight of the metal type, which I have two sets of somewhere...I now will need to get a set of black stirrup leather covers out of the merino wool, and I may try riding in bike shorts and new balance tennis shoes this summer. ~E.G.


  1. Thanks for posting the pictures! I really like your set up!

    Riding in shorts, eh? I guess that most of the trails around here are bramble-free? Just thinking about doing that here at home makes my legs cringe - I'd be striped!

  2. No problem with brambles on most of your park trails. They are usually wide enough to be sticker free.

    I don't handle the heat well at all, and generally just sweat out bad in the summer time. So couple the heat, riding tights, boots, with vigorous riding activity and I've taken a dive a couple of times from heat exhaustion, so my mind is very much thinking of ways to keep cool this summer. It may not be "pretty" but sure beats being overcome with the heat. ~E.G.

  3. Granny, Check out my comments on stirrups on my video at I think you will enjoy the whole video most, do but in particular the stirrup section. Ride-on,