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February 22, 2009

I dug out the Epic Size (1)

It looks like the angle of the boot will be alright for her, and it is lighter than the Bare's. So I suppose I'll be ordering two of the Epic's in a size (0). If anyone has a size zero that they would like to swap for a size (1) I'll swap you! My Epic one is in pretty good shape. There are a few nicks in the gaiter that do not go all the way through and would "patch" with some clear nail polish to stick it back down. This boot is post 2005. I'm needing a size (0) for a spare boot which I'll carry in my pack. I could probably make do without hinds if I had too, but want a spare for the front in case we'd lose a boot on the trail.

I'm still very intrigued with the B-4 Boots, and part of me wants to order those as the say they absolutely WILL NOT RUB. They are way cheaper too and you can have them re-treaded. The colors were cool too "sparkles." They had red and green, and dark purple. I might call them today.

I ordered the Epics in pre-2005 so that I'd have the rounder shape for better fit. Ordered 3 of them so they better work!


  1. I got my second fit kit and they missed sending me the 0.5 size, instead gave me a 00.5. Regardless, the boot isn't looking promising for JB's feet and I am so frustrated now. JB's feet are a bit rounder, they are typical mustang feet with a very good natrual balance trim. The boots don't seem to fit in the front and the back part of his hoof hangs over the side a bit. The size 1 is a good width but too long , the size 0 is too short.

    You mention the pre 2005 Epic- is it made for a rounder hoof?

  2. According to the sizing calculator at Easycare the shape of her hooves was more suited to a pre-2005 size O. I believe the boot shape back then was supposed to be a little rounder.

    However, I don't think they sent me pre 05's because the horse logo is on the back of each boot. Regardless, at least one of these fit, but I still have to try the other boots.