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February 17, 2009

The FIT KIT has arrived for the Easyboot Glove

I ordered a size 1 fit kit which came with a 0.5 , 1, 1.5 shells. The 0.5 fit her hinds really nicely. I'll have to trim off a tiny little bit on the rear aspect of the boot. They clear the hairline, but only the slightest bit. None of the shells fit her fronts. The closest was the 0.5 but it had a gap on the inside aspect of each hoof and I wasn't really sure if it was because it was too small or too big. So I ordered a size O fit kit and will try the size O on the fronts.

Now let me tell you getting those rear boots off was a trip! You really have to pull to get them off. Phebes handled it all much better than I actually expected though.

If the O's do not fit on her fronts, I will go ahead and order Epics for the fronts, and Gloves for the rear.

Overall I liked the look of the glove shell. It was sturdier than I expected, though not quite as heavy as the Epics or Bares, but of course the light weight is the appeal of them to me in the first place. ~E.G.


  1. I thought you ordered a size 0 kit. I would like to try them but probably won't get to see you until maybe the 7th at Clark state forest. So if you need to send them back sooner that's fine. I think I am going to buy a pair of renengades at the convention friday.

  2. close were your measurements to the actual size that the hinds ended up being? What did you measure the front at? I'm still debating on which size to order for my standardbred.

  3. The hind hoof ended up being a half size bigger than I expected. Well....actually I didn't expect to get a fit AT ALL with the gloves because her hoof was so different from the chart. But the glove in size 0.5 (which means 0+1/2)popped on, had no gaps, and was like wrestling an alligator to get off, so that was good! The back of the boot will need a slight trim so I get the clearance I like along the hairline. The shell is below the hair line but just the tiniest bit, so it won't take but a micro trim. I'm still not convinced that I can't drill a pilot hole and squirt just a little of the EasyFoam into the boot for peace of mind. I may try that when the boots are about worn out, then I'll know if I should or shouldn't with the next pair.

    Her front feet didn't fit any of the boots. She is slightly pigeon toed and her hoof flares a tiny bit on the inside aspect I'd assume to support the extra weight that gets shifted inward. I'm not sure if this was what caused the gap in the boot or if the boot was just too big. So I ordered another fit kit in size O which will give me a shot at fitting her in a O and a 00.5? If it is the pigeon toe thing that is the issue, I'm just going to say heck with it and put her into size O Epics and be done with it. Epics are easy to apply, and not quite so heavy as the Bare's. The idea of putting her into pre-2005's and foaming them on keeps nagging at my mind too.

  4. My fit kit just came today but since it was dark when I actually got the mail , I haven't had a chance to try them on. I ordered a 1.5 so hopefully one of them will fit. I will try tomorrow. I hope they work for JB because as it is right now, I can't ride without some kind of boot or shoe.