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December 27, 2008

Planning to go to Brown County Tomorrow

Chris and Gwen got together today at Brown County. I had some things I needed to attend to at home today, and really REALLY was convinced it would rain today. It never did, but we had really gusty high winds all day. Phebes was some wild thing out in the paddock, running, rolling in the mud, rearing, the unseasonably warm weather really had her up. But I do hope to get to B.C. tomorrow.

Doug went out in search of a truck load of hay, and brought home about 30 bales. We've put a mighty big dent in our hay supply, hoping this will fill the gap into spring with what we already had.

Somebody's Jack Russell/Rat Terrier??? jumped into my car when I was leaving from Greensburg to home yesterday. So I spent the morning trying to find to whom she belongs. No luck. So she is for the meantime dog #4 , along with 6 cats (all dumped here), and the three horses. Way too many animals to be trying to take care of, but nobody will take any of them. Need a barn cat? or 2, or 3? A cute little Ratty? ~E.G.

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