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November 29, 2008

Since tomorrow is doubtful I rode a few laps out here.

I did a couple miles up front to get the bugs out, and she had a few, spooked really bad twice and I held on by a thread....after that settled down I went out to the trails behind us with my garmin and did another four and half miles or so. That went really well. We trotted a little, cantered a little, but had to do a one rein stop at one point as she decided while cantering to buck. Otherwise, a good ride, trotted and cantered some up the field, and the usual hand walking down the road to cool her down, then brush her good prior to being turned out. I figure every ride that I actually ride and don't fall off is a GOOD RIDE! She starts settling down about the time I need to quit. Wishing for good weather tomorrow, but not holding my breath.~Endurance Granny

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