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October 16, 2008

I'm heading out in just a few minutes

My going today was very precarious...some sort of virus or something got me yesterday and I spent the day with "Ralph". In truth I feel pretty frail this morning, but hoping with the sun coming up, and a bottle or two of Gatoraid I'll feel a little more human. I've wanted to go to a ride at Henryville for the past three years and things in life always got in the way. The first year my ride buddy (and transportation) decided against the ride. The second year I was in training for a job and was not able to leave. This year everything started looking good, until about noon yesterday when I was struck by the sweating sickness thing. In bed the rest of the day, unable to eat of course, and slept through the night thankfully. Though I feel pretty "wonky" still, I'm loading up in the car to go, and hoping that I"ll feel better as the sun comes up, and the horses are coming into the checks. This may be my only opportunity to attend a National Ride, and if I have to collapse in a chair and be a spectator...then so be it, but I'm GOING TO HENRYVILLE. Doug loaded up the car for me this morning, and I've dosed my self with anti-nausea medication, and antivert in hopes of turning the page to a wonderful day. The first thought I had this morning was that the hundred mile competition was already started, with the horses moving out into the misty darkness, and by the time I get there some will be close to the halfway point I'm sure. It amazes me the talent of these horse and rider teams, the years of dedication it takes to get to this level of competition.

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