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October 21, 2008

Ground exercises tonight

Phebes has had a lot of work and no play lately, so I took her out to the enlarged oval (previously round) pen, and worked her at liberty from the ground. It was so much fun! I think she even enjoyed it once she figured out we were playing. She would canter one way, then I would block her, and send her the other in nice big figure 8's. When she'd drop her head, I'd go scooting backward, then stop, and she'd do this little prancy thing, shake her head, and come to a bouncy stop facing me, then we'd buddy up, smoooze a little, and then I'd send her again. Unfortunately I believe my neighbors think I'm certifiably insane...middle aged fat woman in tights, running laps with her horse in the front lot, kind of slows down traffic if you know what I mean *LOL* When I let her out of the pen, she really kicked up her heels and ran with her head all "araby", blowing, snorting, and just having fun by the looks of it. It is exercise for her, and also a training tool to teach her that I can direct her movement. Hoping to try for a nice little trail ride tomorrow if I get home in time. ~E.G.

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