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October 17, 2008

The girth finally came today

I've had this saddle since August, and have yet to get it on her because of lacking a girth, and the Skito Pad from Lori's tack which still has not arrived. I called there today and left a message and sent two emails this week with no response. Need my pad Lori's Tack!!!

So I put my old Skito which is barrel shaped under the saddle, and threw a blanket over that, and tried it out finally. It seemed secure, didn't want to roll. But she still has a melt down with the crupper, and I may just have to forget that if the saddle stays put reasonably well.

I'm still not feeling well. Having waves of dizziness and nausea, not sure what is ailing me, but will be glad to have it over with, and get some strength back. I rode Phebes tonight just enough for her to get the feel of this saddle, and she was cooperative, but very perplexed. Likewise, I'm going to have to learn to post all over, as my position in this saddle is so different from a western styled saddle. If I'm feeling better, we are going to haul the horses to the park tomorrow, and just do some slow distance and see how this saddle is going to work out. It felt comfortable, but five or ten minutes doesn't tell you where it rubs, or how sore you are going to get! I'll have to check Phebe's back out really good after we ride too, and see if where my butt sits causes her any soreness. Saddle worries, do they ever end? ~Endurance Granny

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