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October 18, 2008

Distance 10.29 miles Time 3:30:48 Speed....we didn't have any!

Actually a whopping 2.9 mph. I keep thinking she will become more confident and move out, I feel like she's sucking backwards sometimes. At one point I got her walk up to 3.8 mph, attempted to get her walking out a little faster, no go. So I thought I'd just cue her up to a trot as the trail was flat and the footing was good, so I move her up to a trot, and I'm thinking we aren't getting anywhere...she was trotting 3.8 mph, just the same speed she was walking. Her comfort level is 2.9 mph (insert sounds of gnashing teeth, moans, and groans)this is so hard for me, when I'm used to chugging down the trail at a nice 7 mph pace, and cantering now and then if things get too boring. I know it is better for her to go slow right now, and to get her used to all the happenings, sights, and sounds. I know the mantra and will repeat it when I try to sleep tonight LONG SLOW DISTANCE (REPEAT) (REPEAT) Just OMG....not this slow! Give me 4 mph, just 4 mph.

Other than the lightening fast pace she did alright. We had a few spooks which I never did figure out the offending culprit, but mostly she moved along slowly and her ears were perked forward, not much of the snorting or blowing, and it was a crisp, breezy day.

I did try out the Hilason Treeless today. Since I had the girth, I put my old Skito pad under it, and a blanket over that to try and keep the fleece panels clean. I used a Wintec Breast collar which is made from a beta material. She had a big spinning rollback today and I was able to hang with it. Her sweat pattern was even, and I'll check her back for soreness this evening when we feed. The saddle seemed to stay put pretty well for being treeless, and the seat was comfortable. Be forewarned though, if you are riding a small arab you will have to have new holes punched in the billets all the way to the top, and it takes a really short girth. I ended up with a 20 inch dressage girth for this saddle and if she loses weight, I'd have to go smaller still. This particular saddle did not have the panels underneath, some of their's do, so it definitely needed the Skito under it. I've abandoned the crupper as she goes totally rodeo with it. That may be something to train for on another day in the round pen, but certainly won't use it on trail until the kinks are worked out. So another 10.29 miles for the Phebers. NOTE: NO BACK SORENESS THIS EVENING a little touchy about her girth area, but no sores, probably the neoprene pulling at the winter hair starting to grow in? ~Endurance Granny

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