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September 26, 2008

Trails A and B open at Versailles State Park

Since I'm still gimping around on my left hip, I think I'll just go out and walk our trails, and do some maintenance. We still have a lot of sticks littering the trails that need raked up, the sort of thing that kind of flips around the horse's legs as you ride along. I cleared out one loop earlier in the week (husband along with chainsaw for the big stuff). But still too messy for a training trail. May take Phebes with me and let her stand tied while I work out there, give her time to soak up the atmosphere of fallen limbs, brush, and all the rattling around that raking entails!

Trails A and B are open at the Versailles State Park so hoping I can get there with Phebes over this weekend.

Apple pie in the oven, and a casserole and salad to finish for supper.~E.G.

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