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August 31, 2008

Solo with Phebes...about five miles

The ride for the most part went quite well. She did have one huge spook that almost unseated me and I have a whopping bruise on my thigh from trying to HANG ON. The one thing that was seriously problematic was the horse fly that persisted on bothering her most of the way out, and almost all the way back. I swear it waited for the big hill that is her biggest challenge currently anyway. This one steep downhill always upsets her, but "sans" horsefly I can get her through it by breaking the hill into segments so she doesn't get going to fast. But with the fly attacking at will, she was so upset about the fly that she nearly fell down the hill. I had sprayed her good, but those forty pound fanged horse flies are just the absolute freaking pits! It was her longest solo yet, and she had a black snake come slithering right across the path in front of her, she stopped and kind of blew with her nostrils, but didn't really freak out (I hate snakes, I was internally freaked out).

We were to haul to the park this weekend but my husband somehow injured his knee. I was grossly disappointed as I've waited all summer to get her there, yet she isn't ready to go to a strange place alone yet, though that may be what I have to do....~Endurance Granny

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