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August 30, 2008

Phebes new saddle is here...back from the saddle guy

Well ladies, here is the new, and taken to be improved treeless saddle. My saddle guy made an adjustable emergency grab strap to go on the front. I can adjust it down to get it out of the way if I like, or keep it just above the pommel in case of a hard me at least a fighting chance! I added my EZride stirrups, with additional padding for the ball of my foot which is needing another steroid injection. You will see a ring at the back bottom of the flap and at an angle just behind the cantle is another. My stow-away water bottle holders will go there, one on each side. Center back is the crupper ring with leather crupper attached, and a multi-tool is attached at the ring there with fold out knife, wire snip, screw driver, etc. The little beaded things are my version of rhythm beads. I make these with beads, and bells. As the horse trots, the bells make a tinkling sound to ward off turkey, deer, etc. I have one hanging on each side, and usually clip a bell at her breast collar. Not obtrusively noisy, but a little advance warning to get the critters out of your way. Hanging off the front is a wintec english breast collar. I ordered cob sized, but had to have it really taken in to even begin to fit her. It is made from beta, so I can dunk it clean. The skito hasn't got here yet. I so..............wanted the old sand horses pattern, but doubt I'll get it as the pattern is discontinued. So we settled on your basic black, with grip strips, and split bottom, 3/4 inch inserts tapered.

I still need a girth, but am undecided if I should use a short dressage girth, or the adapters that would allow me to use my western girth, which I have several.

Hoping...............Praying.......................that Phebes will accept this new equipment and not promptly unload me for the third time this season. ~Endurance Granny

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