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July 30, 2008

Oh the woes of a young green knot headed filly......

I have to say that my relationship with Phebes (young, green, knot headed filly) is always ALWAYS tumultuous (if I spelled that right give me a new t-shirt) at best. My time is spent fluctuating between love and adoration for her, and thoughts of shipping her back up north to breeder who must have truly lost their senses when they crossed Puddin' with that beautiful WORLD CHAMPION pinto. Phebes is one day a brilliant amazing horse, and the next her ears have grown long and she is the most stubborn, aggravating, make me spittin' mad horse on the planet. Let's say that our Tuesday night ride did not go well....we had balking, bucking, rearing on a hill, and a spook so bad and so fast that she literally fell down and was back on her feet so fast that I didn't have time to fall off! Our three mile ride took enough fluid from my body through release of sweat that I should weigh at least ten pounds less (but of course I don't...damned horse). I was too exhausted for trailer loading. After sponging my pretty filly so she could be turned out, she squeals and GALLOPS over to the black rolling spot and throws herself down on it, rolls herself around, and gallops back to the fence as a BLACK horse and looks at me like "so there"! Did I mention I labored an hour bathing her over the weekend? It is supposed to rain today....I'm looking forward to rain *LOL*.~Endurance Granny

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