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June 24, 2008

Trail Training is going well for Phebes

We are training on a three mile semi-circular route that crosses three creeks, has a wide crossing where the horses can stand in the ripples and drink....and did she ever! The work is trying to focus on some control on the uphills and downhills. She gets pretty hairy on long downhills. Try a one rein stop on a hill *****gasp****! I was proud of her tonight, she gave me a nice little canter, and came down in speed when I asked without any problem at all. She also managed to entangle herself in some kind of vine on the way home and started to get upset. I told her "whoa" and she did. I dismounted and got her out of it. Really proud of her on that one as having the legs caught in something is scary stuff. We are still repeating areas where she wants to rush through (logs and creeks), but most of the high leaping seems to be over. She has always improved the second time going over something, just will take time I guess.

Last ride we had some dry spots under the saddle pad, so I shifted her saddle back just a little this time and that cured the problem completely. Must have just had the tree set too far forward. She is so wide and flat withered I don't know how she even keeps a saddle on? If I ever meet the Sycamore Creek Saddle guy he's getting a big hug. Hoping next spring I can order another in the lighter weight, then I'll have a back up saddle for her.

Puddin' is still on hiatus with another round of "moon blindness". My poor old Puddy girl. She's on Banamine again.

Later tonight we have another trailer loading lesson. ~Endurance Granny

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