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June 23, 2008

Pushing for more challenges and distance

It doesn't sound like much, but Phebes had her first five mile trail ride yesterday. We revisited the log jumping briefly...everytime she jumped, I just kept her at the task until she stepped over. She did the same with that ditch, so we repeated until she was willing to walk over it again. Our ride included a couple of really challenging hills. One of which she got a little worked up coming down. We jumped up a deer, and she spooked in place, which I will take any day, as opposed to bolting, rearing, or spinning.

I practice her trailer loading once per day now. She is still hesitant to get in, but does after about three approaches. On the good side she stood there tied, and ate her evening grain ration with no attempts to back herself out. I groomed her in there, and scratched all her itchy places. We will just keep at it, it is all I can do. Hopefully she will relax to the situation over the next couple of weeks.

Phebes is really trying for me I think. She can still be a pistol at times, but so far she's been easy to get back under control in a pinch. Once we've made the trip down to Laughery several times, I will attempt the ride with her solo.

For now it is off to work I go.................~Endurance Granny

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