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May 2, 2008

Rained out handling the mundane

Mowing grass (did a man invent the gas push mower? $!#%!) this brand new guaranteed to start in 2 pulls lawn mower, does NOT start in two pulls....or three.....or six..........or take a break and try it again. When I finally got it running, I was praying the "don't stop" prayer. Then I picked out some pink irises and set to digging up plants to give to a rather new friend that I hadn't seen since Christmas time. Lynn is a really nice person, good heart. She has a gaited horse, Smokey, and that horse is just a hoot! He has so much personality, I just have to smile when I look at him. We talked about the barefoot trim, benefits of barefoot, and of course I spoke about Puddin's barefoot success. Phebes also is barefoot, and my plan is to keep it that way. IF we need protection, we'll get some boots. But she has nice hooves, beautiful concavity, and fluid movement. I'm happy with that. Back home, and laundry, dishes, a week of piled up housework. Quilted on my almost finished blanket, fed the cats, the dogs, finished reading a book, and most important, went out and smooozed with my special beautiful arabian mare Puddin'. I think my girl just turned twenty this month. Her head looks so sculptured, as arabians age they just get more beautiful, and more special. She dips her head and lets me kiss her soft muzzle, and shares her breath. God I love horses....~Endurance Granny

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