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May 2, 2008

If anyone is interested...I have a nice set of leathers & stirrups for sale

When I ordered my saddle from Sycamore Creek Saddle's I got it with western fenders, leathers, and two sets of "turned right" stirrups. These stirrups have a one inch bar and are already turned the right direction. I loved them, as it was so easy to slip your foot right in without a struggle. They are steel, covered in leather. I have some arthritic issues in the ball of my foot, and switched out to the easy rides that I already have. I'm retaining one set of these turned right stirrups, so if my foot heals up, I can put those on Puddin's saddle, as they are smaller, and I just generally like them better than the platform stirrup on her saddle right now.

But for sale are: A new set of black "Turned Right" stirrups from CMK, and western leather's (not fenders), also new to go with them. These heavy duty leathers will also accept the EasyRide stirrups. I'm asking $100 for the set, with free shipping. If anyone is interested in lightening up their saddle, and being able to easily get your foot in and or post on the blog. They can be purchased by mail/or by paypal. I might put them up on ebay if someone feels more comfortable with a buy it now. ~E.G.

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