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March 4, 2008

Added on the Easy Ride Stirrups

I went to Locust Grove Tack and Feed in Osgood, IN and had Mr. Huffman attach my Easyride Stirrups to my Sycamore Creek Saddle over the weekend. This took at least a pound or two off of my saddle weight. If I don't like them, I'll put the originals back on with tapaderos and pad for the ball of my foot.

The weather here has switched from ice to rain, rain, and did I mention rain? Lots of it. We have a poop soup paddock, trails are pastern deep or more, and very slick.

I'll be offering a neat little item for sale soon. A clip on that hold your park pass. It clips right to a saddle dee, and your pass is highly visible, and secure.

My work schedule is now Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. The extra day will help, and I will still have three days to train/condition the horses.

Off to work! Have a great day ~Endurance Granny

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