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February 29, 2008

Hoof Boots for endurance, trail, and transitioning to barefoot.

I have a firm love hate relationship with my hoof boots. My horse goes truly bare at least 99% of the time. Then there are those trails that I feel some protection is needed if we are to really move out. You know....those trails with the crushed limestone that just really chew up the hoof. So far I've tested Old Mac's which I found to be too bulky for my use, standard Easyboot which popped off every five minutes, and the Easyboot Epic which I liked alot and performed well at the walk and trot, but became cumbersome moving down the trail at speed, finally ripping off the front at the extended trot tearing right away from the gaiter. There are several other hoof boots out on the market, and I've yet to try them all. I'm intrigued by the new Marquis Glue On hoof boot. I can see how it could be a nice solution for the trail situations that warrant protection. They stay on up to twelve days once the glue is applied, so should be quite durable for a weekend ride. Easyboot is coming out with a new boot called the Easyboot Edge, and I may give that one a go.

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