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February 24, 2008

Sycamore Creek Saddle, Weather, & Stuff

I haven't been in the saddle since I fell on my head. Don't really have a fear issue, but thought it prudent to let my brain have a reprieve before Phebes tries to knock me out again ....(kidding), actually the ground has been ice covered or pastern deep in "poop soup" since my birthday.

A nice lady wrote to me yesterday. Her name is Laura (please feel free to post at will on your distance dreams, aspirations, and horse stuff). She was asking about the Sycamore Creek Saddle , how it was working out for distance. I had to tell her truly I've not tested that yet, though that is in the planning as soon as Indiana gets out of the nasty cold weather. I can ride in the cold, but here that usually means coated with ice, or torrential cold rain, or some combination of both that makes the footing on my trails treacherous, if not plain dangerous. So I wait. But that got me to thinking....last time I rode it was pretty muddy, and I was about half coherent when I put my saddle away. Pulled off the cover, and what a mess! It had a lot of dried mud on it, and my braided leather reins which if you remember I dropped, just prior to falling on my head. Phebes had dragged those through the mud and they were just caked in dried stuff. So I broke out the saddle soap today and went to work. If I can't ride, at least I can dream of riding while I clean things up. My saddle cleaned up beautifully. The black positively glows now, and the leather on the seat is getting softer as I condition it. My reins look alright, but I'm not sure I'll ever get that caked in mud out of the braiding altogether. Once Phebes is going I plan to get her bridle, reins, and breastcollar in either beta or biothane. Right now there is no sense in the expense as those $$$'s will need to go towards a trainer.

My husband and I are giving some thought to selling our place and relocating. I'd like to live near at least 25 miles of horse trail, preferably right on a trail head. This would involve the sale of our place, building a pole barn house, barn, paddock, fences, and an obstacle course for the horses. Like most things, it will probably come with time. Location is more the question right now. Stay in Indiana? Leave Indiana? I think SERA has the most rides to offer in their region, but not sure if the we'd come out on the swap as land prices go. The Ohio-West Virginia border is nice, and OAATS sponsors a lot of nice rides both CTR and Endurance each year. We could come out alright on land in that area.

At my age (now 50 thank you) one must keep ever stop is to die.

Ride on....dream on ~Endurance Granny


  1. Okay girl, you need to come live in TX. Rides every where (CTR and endurance) and I got to ride both days this weekend, so the weather is great!

    Anyway, still enjoy reading your blog. Mine is fawtal1 (I named it after my Arab that passed away Nov. 2006, and the 1 means he was my number 1 horse) and I go by Tammy in TX. I do CTR and was going to do my first 25 LD until my tooth abscessed and I was in too much pain.

    Stay safe!
    Tammy in TX

  2. Granny that you aren't - at 50...
    Keep riding. I am soon to be 61 and still starting babies and conditioning in the mtns. Would still be doing Endurance but a kid in college has my nose to the financial grindstone.
    Love the Sycamore Creek Saddle and find it to be the most comfortable saddle for both horse and rider on the market. I've tried lots over the years. Some were comfortable for the horse-left the rider sore then some good for the rider left the horse trying to talk...if your listening they will tell you of their consternation.
    Anyhow, really like this saddle.
    Tony is simply the best to work with. He actually let me semi design a saddle, tweeked the pomel as I like the rounded, and added soft poleys. If you've ever ridden an Australian w. stiff poleys, a rapid depaerture for what ever reason can leave your stomach bruised. The softer give the same support/sucurity & more comf to use.
    And last but hardly least, I have ridden Arabs in Endurance since 84 then went to Akhal-Tekes and Teke Arab crosses, now have found the most comfortable of all -MissouriFoxTrotters. Yes gaited, sure footed and superb nature. Ride the glide takes on new meaning and comfort. Will never changeJean Tozar Virginia

  3. Jean,

    I'd love to see photos of your finished saddle. Do you have a blog? Sadly, Phebes outgrew her Sycamore Creek saddle after six months. She is taking almost a 13 inch gullet! Right now we are using a Crestridge, but the weight of it bothers me. I like my saddles light...stay in touch, especially about those gaited horses as there may be one in my not so distant future. ~E.G.