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February 12, 2008

I've gone back to scratch with Phebes

So here we go again. My headache is mostly gone after three days of throbbing. My wounded helmet is propped on the saddle as a reminder to get it replaced prior to any new high flying adventures. Each time I look at the triangular crack in the helmet I count myself lucky. Without the helmet that would have been the pattern in my skull with brain matter leaking outward. I LOVE MY TROXEL HELMET. Phebes is slotted to go to a trainer for 30-60 days, depending on how much money I can scrape up to send her. She will be going to Josiah Leatherbury in Vevay Indiana. If he can get her to a point that she can be pointed down a trail, we will go on from there. I love my horses, and put a lot of time and energy into them, but I'd rather not die in the process, or worse be permanently disabled. While she is gone in April and May, I'll tune up Puddin' and try to get her back into shape.

This morning I spent an hour just trying to communicate with Phebes from the ground, and try to determine where the cracks are in her training. There seems to be a definite imbalance in horse from near side to off side. When I'm on her left she is amiable, and responsive to cues. When I'm on her right side she flattens her ears and puts up resistance. She sidepassed the length of the fence line both directions from the ground, she backed up sluggishly, and her lateral flexion was pretty sticky, but got better as the exercise continued. We did not do any round pen exercises because of the poor footing. Freezing rain had started coming down, so I ended her session.

To keep one's spirits up is quite an "exercise" in itself. The future of all I've put into place depends on this horse's responsiveness to training, and then her willingness to work with me. ~Endurance Granny


  1. Granny,
    can you tell if her resistance is physical or emotional? I have had a couple of mares that had chiro problems that reacted that way. does she flatted her ears when you groom on the off side? Or dance when you groom off side?
    How does she lead off side?
    If she is fine for grooming its probably emotional, she doesn't like you on the "wrong" side. Treat her like a foal and start with the basics of walk and whoa on the off side. If necessary, get a helper to lead on the onside while you have a lead on the off side. This will help her understand it is normal for you to be over there and then you can ask for more. hope this helps Dee

  2. Hi Dee,

    The thing with her is she is ALL EMOTIONAL. If a trash truck goes by she gets upset and pitches a fit, kicks, bucks....if a dog crosses the field, she takes off after it. This filly is just very reactive. I can get her back on track (or think I've got her back on track) only to have another unexpected meltdown. This is not a horse that down time is a good thing. She backslides in a hurry. Hoping the trainer can work out the bugs for me so we can hit the trail this summer. She is fine about being groomed either side, but she doesn't lead or longe as well on her near side, as she does her off side.
    ~Endurance Granny