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August 5, 2007

Milage goal met today, but not the speed goal

Hate to complain about the rain since we need it so bad. However it did seriously slow down our training ride today. We covered 13.2 miles in about 3 hours. We did get about half of that in sustained trotting, but the rest was just too slick to safely negotiate. We left at 7 a.m. trying to beat the heat, the humidity was nearly 100%. Right at the end of the horses' hour break the sky opened up and dumped us with another rain shower. The farmers are happy, but Puddin' ? Not! We cooled them off and sponged them good with water, and fed them a flake of hay and some chow. Had molasses in her drinking water which she did not touch until she'd been standing there about forty five minutes. She drank about a quart of water and was done. I sure hope Phebes is not like this....hope she drinks from every puddle along the way. Tweaking my broken hoof o meter again. The clip is broken but found I can use vet wrap to secure it to her breast collar and it works alright. Just have to get the average stride set right. Though we did not get the trotting in I'd have liked we at least got as much as we'd scheduled for. So we are still on track. Thinking of driving and pre-riding the trails at Corydon in the next few weeks. So we know what the terrain is like and can train for it. ~Endurance Granny

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