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August 4, 2007

I've been reading today, and researching slow twitch vs. fast twitch muscle

Did you know that a standard bred (trotter) has more slow twitch muscle than an arabian? I'm wondering why distance enthusiasts have not taken advantage of this cross to build a better endurance horse? The Standard Bred has 18% slow twitch muscle mass vs. the Arabian's 14 %. Heavily muscled quarter horses can be sorely disadvantaged with only 7% slow twitch muscle. For those breeding half arabians for distance... ***ding ding ding***!!! It might really breed some stamina into those half crosses! I'm wondering if it is the ride itself on these trotters? I've only ridden a standard bred once and the trot about jarred your brains out.

I'm also considering that sprints should be kept to a minimum or a training session of their own. To focus more on those slow twitch muscle groups by sustained trotting sessions.

Now, how to keep those slow twitch muscles fed with glycogen? Hmmm....glucose fuels the muscle, helped along by fatty acids to produce energy. Puddin' is on a low starch feed, wondering if this is the correct choice for a horse that needs glucose for sustained energy? ~Endurance Granny

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