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August 25, 2007

Finally got Puddin' back out last night

The five day rest seemed to do Puddin' good. She was full of zip last night and wanting to REALLY GO!!! Just did a six mile ride, wanting to loosen her up for tomorrow. Put the hind boots on her and no scrapes or nicks, but she sure has a hissy fit about them. So she's wearing easy boots, splint boots, and rear boots. Wonder the old girl can still lift her legs *LOL*.

Phebes was the horse of choice this morning. I'm trying to wean her away from needing a round pen session each time. Still doing it, but making the sessions shorter. Just mostly wanting to establish that I have her attention prior to climbing on board. She did try one little bucking episode but came right out of it. Somebody was shooting at squirrels or something this morning, sounded like a rifle range. That made her a little goosey but good to get her used to all sorts of things. I'm trotting her up in the front paddock now, doing figure eights, stops, and back ups, working on lateral flexion still. Very stiff when moving to the left on a turn, guess I'll have to focus on that more for a few sessions. Her trot is a dream to ride, just a nice gentle posting and on you go. She can move out pretty fast at the trot, and has a nice little slow trot too. Good to have both!

Still wanting to meet up with Christine Eickleberry September 2 if possible for one more conditioning ride prior to Corydon. Will talk to Barb about that tomorrow as finances are tight between now and the ride. Still haven't made it down to Corydon, maybe the weekend after next?

Doug has just about gathered up the components for the electric corral. Puddin' is used to being in electric rope fencing so don't expect a problem. I think she'll be more relaxed and inclined to eat and drink.

Looking for a cot to sleep on at the rides, something clean and cheap : )

Puddin' has hit the 900 mile conditioning mark now....that is what we have accumulated since I started tracking it. Something to be proud of. Maybe no ribbons or trophies for that, but I hold one for her on the inside. She's a nice horse.

Planning to join the AERC next month if possible. Then I have to decide which club I want to join. Either the Indiana Arabian Distance Club or OAATS. May need to join AHA too, have to check on that one. ~Endurance Granny

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