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August 3, 2007

Conditioning ride tonight. HOT & HUMID

Plan to keep it short and fast. Will set my watch to noon, and try to get back within the hour. We will drive to the park for a longer ride on Sunday, hope to get in 7 miles of non-stop trotting and maybe cover 10 miles total? We'll just see how it goes. Versailles State Park has some nice terrain for training. Mostly dirt track ( a little gravel, and creek rock at crossings). Loop A and B have some hills, some flats. Loop X is hilly getting there but then has a nice seven mile mostly flat where you can really move out. Loop Y has the hill from climb and climb and climb! The first season neither horse could get all the way up it without a rider dismount. George and Puddin' can do it now ***smiles*** Still thinking on the water issue. Got a few great ideas from the NATRC forum over on yahoo.

Wondering if OAATS has a forum, maybe safer for me to post to them, as they are the organization I'd be most likely to compete under if I decide on CTR vs. Endurance. Puddin' is only going to be asked to take me for 2-3 entry level rides, then I absolutely HAVE to get Phebes going. That is what I got her for, she's fat and lazy, and barely under saddle. I just don't have the time to manage conditioning two horses at the same time. I know some folks do it, I'm just not up to the task.

Doug got our stakes for the electric corral today. I have to pick up the tape, and he's looking at a charger for the thing. Then I have to get my sewing machine out and figure out why the thread keeps balling up. Want to sew a bag to put all those step in stakes in with a carry handle.

Almost time to tack up...Puddin' is in the barn with the dreaded red buckets, food, water. I'm a mean old horse mommy. (Yes we are going to practice camping some more, not today). ~Endurance Granny

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