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July 27, 2007

We are all packed up!

Can't find the extra batteries for the camera! Maybe it will live long enough to get at least one picture for me and Barb.

Puddin' has had her bath and is in the barn with her nose pinched in as she does not like the sheet and she has caught on that she is going somewhere. Cree is hanging out at the barn calling for her and adding to her nervous nelly syndrome. She seems most unhappy about the shipping boots, I may just take them off.

Unfortunately they are black topping the road I'm living on this morning, there is no passing lane : ( and I will definitely need out of here by noon, so may have to hike down and say "Please LET ME OUT!" Our road is a dead end, one way in, one way out, single lane....out in the boonies.

I checked the coolers, Barb and I could easily feed a wild mob with the pile of food on ice and snacks back in the tack compartment. Haven't checked the weather up there this morning almost afraid to look *LOL*

Wert gave me a near heart attack last night, left a message on my machine that the ride was cancelled. My husband didn't listen to the whole message....and almost took the trailer back! Thank goodness she called to wish me well and offer encouragement or I'd likely still be in bed this morning. Everything worked out fine, and I had a good laugh, and found out Wert is well versed in the gift of gab. If she ever wants to try a ride out our way, I have an open invitation as a stopping off place for her and the horse, hubby too.

Heading out to check on Puddin' and get those boots off her. ~Endurance Granny

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