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July 2, 2007

Puddin' is moving out better

Took her down the trail for just a relaxing ride. Didn't push too much. We did canter across the ridge and made two 1/4 mile laps of the trotting track. She seemed to be feeling better over all and I just decided to make it an easy day for her at 5.5 miles. Rode Phebes later, some in the round pen, and then took her out. Again she's more resistant out of the pen. Barb came by with George for his laps and she rode on the outside of the fence and I on the inside with Phebes. Phebes wanted to panic a few times, got her through it but was scary for me. I'm trying to train her bitless and my stopping power worries me. She made it to the end of the fence line okay so I just stepped off and rewarded her not melting down. Walked her back to the front from the ground. It is kind of funny how Cree and Puddin' watch over her, they stand off and keep an eye on where she is going, worry like old mother hens! Only 26 more days until the Salamonie Sizzler!!! Sure hope we are ready for it.

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