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July 23, 2018

Louie and Melanie Mosquito Run

Since I am still awaiting Journey to re-grow a hoof and subsequent x rays to see where we are ....I'm living vicariously through other riders.   Enter Melanie and her horse Louie, a cute little bay arabian navigating the trails of limited distance riding in endurance.   Louie's most recent exploit was the 25 at Mosquito Run.   Louise cut a full 20 minutes off of the time of his first LD, and the horse and rider had a clean run, finishing safe and sound.   It is fun following this pair of newbies, while I wait, and hope, and ponder the future for myself and Journey.

Louie added a new piece to his gear, this time a green camo english breast collar form Two Horse Tack. The reports are that it fit well, no rubs, and Louie was "stylin". ☺


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