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April 23, 2017

Hoping the end of flooding stall for Journey

About twice a year some monsoon like rain will set in and the ground will get saturated, and water seeps up and floods the stall to about 4-6 inches deep.  Then I have to hand bail all of that out (no power at the barn).  This has been a ten year epic make me madder than spit, or dejected as squat scenerio.  Fed up with it.

Had crushed limestone brought in and raised her stall by about five inches on one corner and at least ten inches in the middle where she had a pit worn into the dirt floor from pivoting, and getting up.   Things are now more on even steven land and she has new mats in there to lie on.    I do feel like I was hit by a truck this morning.  However, if it fixes the stall, will be worth it.

Also purchased a peppermint lick-it for her stall with a bapping ball attached.    So where did she spend the night?

Out in the MUD.

Throws hands into the air, limps off for a cup of coffee.

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